Paperwork taken care of professionally: So you can take care of your business

As an entrepreneur, you constantly have ideas of how to do something better. And Syncline gives you the freedom to makes these ideas reality. Because you didn’t start your company just to deal with bureaucracy.

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You are a tax consultant and bureaucratic requirements are just your business?

Then you should join our partner network.

Information for tax advisors and accountants

How does SyncLine work?

We handle your finances. Professionally.

SyncLine takes care of all your financial concerns. With all things German and European tax, financial accounting, payroll and other bureaucratic hurdles. We make way for valid planning. In the dashboard, you can keep an eye on everything in one place. It works like this:

Data collection

Including automatic document processing

Verification and processing by accountants

On request: booking without professional examination

Submission of all documentation

On request: Annual financial statement by Syncline’s own tax advisor – if you do not bring “your own” tax advisor.

Evaluation and monitoring

Through you via a dashboard

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Amazon, eBay, your own online shop—we create interfaces and integrate your data. That you, you always have access to exact numbers.


Billing, marketplace fees, transfers, returns, etc. Including automatic data processing

Order Intake

Automatic capture and processing to enable subsequent action.

Goods Receiving

Automatic capture and initiation of all immediately relevant actions.

Change your company

Give yourself the freedom to make your company strategically and operationally fit for the future. We do the rest!


Make use of digital possibilities. Technology will adapt to your company. You stay as you want to be!


See the results of your work and effort in one click on your screen. Your dashboard shows you all data in a way that is necessary and comfortable for you. And with permission, third parties can have a look at the data, too. They’ll only see what you allow them to.


Your dashboards show you exactly in the moment what’s happening in what areas. You’ll be excited by the chance to intervene right away or try out different scenarios, or perhaps the numbers are telling you something quite different…

Dreamt up by practitioners, built by professionals

Dreamt up by practitioners, built by professionals

You founded your company for a specific purpose. And that (in most cases) wasn’t just “to fill out paperwork.” SyncLine gifts you with the time you need to push your business’s operations and strategy forward. The apintra software—tried and tested thousands of times over—builds the foundations. SyncLine is apintra’s cloud-based solution.

For small and medium enterprises and for retailers

For small and medium enterprises and for retailers

Small and medium enterprises are special. Even still, they face the same amount of bureaucracy as the major enterprises. One difference is the availability of experts. Generalists take care of that work here. And that work continues to become more and more. And more particular. That’s why there’s SyncLine. Our experts plug in the data that aren’t automatically expensed for you. One hour each month is included.

For bureaucracy dealt with professionally

For bureaucracy dealt with professionally

Entrepreneurs are pros in what they do. They just sometimes need to learn how to juggle numbers. Alongside their day-to-day challenges. Nevertheless, there’s always some new bureaucratic hurdle to tackle. How would you like to hand it all over to experts? And stay on top of it all? Beyond the monthly accounting call, your give your tax advisor access to your data. Or you can use the SyncLine tax advisor.

Your data are safe and easy to access

Your data are safe and easy to access

Your data are saved in the cloud—but securely. We can promise you that, because we’ve built in various technical and physical controls for your safety. One of our advantages is working with data in real time. That requires keeping your data readily at hand. Our servers are highly available.

SyncLine® Basic system

Full-service financial system POPULAR
249 00
per month
  • Complete finance and accounting services
  • Balance sheets, profit and loss statements
  • Lists of account balances
  • ELSTER account management, and more
  • Monthly time contingent certified accountant
  • Monitoring by accountants
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SyncLine® Plus

Finance and eCommerce PRICE TIP
299 00
per month
  • All content of the SyncLine basic system
  • Connection to eCommerce systems - Amazon
  • Interfaces with your own online shop
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apintra® Lösung

Individually according to your specifications

on request

  • Complete finance and accounting services
  • In-house or cloud solutions
  • Tailored to your personal needs
  • Tailored to your personal needs
Inquire Suitable for all company sizes

* plus 99,- Euro set-up fee | All prices are net plus the country-specific, statutory VAT.

Our origin—apintra®

Where did the idea for SyncLine come from?

The idea emerged from conversations with our customers: The most extensive automatization of all business processes. apintra was the result. Our company also digitalizes, for example, production, assets accounting and supply chain management. apintra’s products have been successfully marketed for over 35 years, with more than 1,000 installations to date. SyncLine is the cloud-based solution built on the foundations of apintra’s technology and focuses on trade—in stationary trade with our finance-system services module Finance as well as in online trade with our eCommerce module eCommerce.

Development of the SyncLine product line

  • Cloud-based solution on the foundations of apintra technology
  • Finance-system service and eCommerce modules

Development of apintra®

  • Software modernization with the transition from ASCII to graphic interfaces
  • Subsequent complete digitalization of production and trade enterprises

HGS Software

  • Inclusion of Internet technologies and eCommerce in the portfolio

SyncLine GmbH - out of HGS Software and Neutra

  • Fully automated solution for lawyers with capture of production data and staff work time logging
  • Liquidation—HGS Software retains responsibility for software

HGS Software

  • At the outset: flexible software for production enterprises
  • Due to a lack of functioning alternatives: customer desires—automating business processes
  • Later products for finance services and accounting
Beginning of the 80s

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