SyncLine® Cloud Technology

With the SyncLine Cloud, you profit from innovative and proven technology by apintra®.

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Availability becomes HIGH-availability

We at SyncLine have always striven for real-time data and the applications that come along with it. Placing your cloud on servers with the necessary availability means we’ve raised the bar even higher and made your data readily available.

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How does high availability work?

Our servers are specially secured. But as it is, something can still happen. That’s why as a matter of principle there are two servers in action: On the one servers, you save and use your data. On the second server, your data is mirrored in real time. In case any disruption knocks one of the servers offline, you continue to work off of the second server. And you keep your data. At the same time, a third server steps in to take over the role of the one that’s been taken out of service.

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Syncline - Origins

From the idea through apintra

The idea emerged from conversations with our customers: The most extensive automatization of all business processes. apintra was the result. Our company also digitalizes, for example, production, assets accounting and supply chain management. SyncLine is the cloud-based solution built on the foundations of apintra’s technology and focuses on trade—in stationary trade with our finance-system services module as well as in online trade with our eCommerce module.


The software is based on IBM’s Informix relational database system (RDBMS). The use of RDBMS provides you additionally with unprecedented transparency and information quality, which you profit from at any time and in any location. SQL search functions can be used in all visible fields (e.g. enter “10:15” in the field “amount” to view all bookings between €10 and €15).


Beyond the available client version, the programs can be pulled up on every popular browser, including Firefox, Chrome, Edge or Safari. Your multinational teams profit from the possibility to adjust the user interface with array identifiers and control elements in nearly every language. Chinese, Cyrillic and Arabic scripts are also supported.

Virtual Security

Your data and settings are safe with us, because we encrypt them with industry-leading methods (e.g. client–server connections through a proprietary VPN). We also use recognized security standards (256-bit SSL certificates). Further, we operate a mirrored database setup so that your data are doubly safe and managed. We also work with transaction processing.

Physical Security

Every four hours, we run a full backup onto another data carrier. Your data are secured simultaneously on three servers in Germany. The servers are monitored 24/7. If the first server is disrupted, you automatically use your mirrored data on the second server. And a third, independent server takes over the function of the server taken out of service. You won’t notice a thing.

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