Questions and Answers (FAQ)

Frequently asked questions and their answers.
What is the normal procedure?

In addition to the access data for financial accounting, access data for a CLOUD area is also available to you. Integration into file systems is easily possible. You scan all receipts that cannot be processed automatically and place these documents in the "Processing" folder. The accountant will process these receipts, which are in this folder, and assign the receipt to each booking.

Can I also enter my booking independently?

Of course, you could also enter your bookings independently. You have access to all finance and accounting programmes (for a description, see also: Financial Accounting) with all the functions they contain.

How long are the contracts designed for?

You can cancel our service contracts at any time with four weeks' notice. There are no long commitment periods with us.

Does the programme have an ELSTER (tax office) interface?

An interface for transmitting data to the tax office is integrated. By storing the certificate data, you can automatically transmit the required declarations (VAT statement, etc.) to the tax office. This also applies to the ZM (recapitulative statement - Saarlouis).

I have my own tax advisor. Does he have access to the programmes?

Of course, you can allow your tax advisor access to your data or withdraw it again. You can also allow other employees access. You can also restrict the range of functions for these individual users. However, only "one" user can access the system at a time (additional users at extra cost).

Can the account statements of my bank be read in?

If your bank has an XML interface, the bank data can usually be transferred electronically. The bank data is then processed automatically as far as possible. This also applies to incoming and outgoing invoices if they are available as XML.

Can I also create evaluations in another language, e.g. English?

Evaluations are multilingual. All programmes are designed to be multilingual and can be transferred in almost any language. In the user administration of "your" client, the language to be used is defined in addition to the scope of rights.

Which charts of accounts are available?

With the set-up you have the free choice, e.g. for Germany, of which chart of accounts to use - whether SKR03 or SKR04. The chart of accounts can also be modified or extended as desired.

Are there interfaces to shop systems or Amazon / eBay?

The data can be taken over completely from marketplaces such as Amazon. Otherwise, all external "data suppliers" can be integrated. This is usually done via XML connections and the effort is relatively manageable. If you have any questions, please send us a message via our contact form with your requirements.

Can I also write my own invoices with the system?

The scope of services also includes complete order processing with e.g. quotation, delivery note and invoice writing.

Is there also asset accounting?

apintra® offers its own asset accounting with all depreciation variants. Even an investment calculation is optionally available. Talk to us.

Are there other additional modules?

In principle, all apintra® modules can be integrated without any problems - i.e. complete merchandise management system, production, ordering and warehousing. Talk to us.

Still open questions?

If your answer was not included, please write to us via our contact form.